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A Warriors RPG: a Freeforum site UPDATE

Wed Oct 10, 2012 1:20 am by Longstorm

http://wcrpg.freeforums.org/ has been experiencing a terrible lag in activity!

Why don't we all help out and put in some great plots and characters!


Huh? Wink

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The Best Warriors is NO MORE! (read on!)

Thu Jul 19, 2012 3:11 am by Longstorm

You read that right fellow role players; The Best Warriors members have fled their site due to inactivity (and the admin's lack of familiarity with Proboard's system, which is understandable since it IS a complicated system to master.)

BUT, don't fret! The same member, Clans and characters can be found on their new website (a forumotion site):
Misguided Hearts

This website has a similar color …

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The Best Warriors.com

Sat Dec 31, 2011 4:41 am by Longstorm

'The Best Warriors' site has had a skin change!

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Mon Aug 24, 2009 6:04 pm by Hawkfire, Admin

Hi all!

The duties in a Clan must be carried out for it all to work.

LEADERS must enforce rules and make everything flow. Try to come online every day and make sure the deputy sends patrols. (You will also have to do the duties of deputy if there isn't one)

DEPUTIES must send out patrols to renew scents marks. Dawn, sun high and sun set patrols are needed; dawn is …

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Sat Aug 22, 2009 12:18 pm by Hawkfire, Admin

The Principles a Warrior Must Live By:
1. Defend your clan with your life.
2. Do not hunt or trespass on another Clan's territory
3. Elders and kits must be fed before apprentices and warriors
4. Prey is killed only to be eaten; give thanks to StarClan for its life.
5. A kit must be at least 6 moons old to become an apprentice
6. Newly appointed warriors will keep a silent vigil one …

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Lokiheart's journey to the moonfall

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1 Lokiheart's journey to the moonfall on Sun Oct 31, 2010 10:53 pm


*True Warrior*
Lokiheart had said goodbye to Glaciercloud and had asked her to look after the clan while she was gone. It won't take long she told her self. It was moon high and there was a silent chill in the air. Lokiheart padded up a steep hill and across till she came to a steam. Looking around she bounded through the open until she got to where the rocks began to steep up.
Not far now, she blinked looking up the climb. she bounded from rock to another. She heard a dripping sound and nodded her approval as she cam closer. In a hole she saw silver droplets falling from a rock onto a ledge in the middle of a pool. she leapt across and stood looking up as the droplet began to fall and she stood under it. Like a twoleg hard stone hitting a rabbit she fell into a crouch and lay into deep sleep sucked in by a icy cold sleep.

She wakes and find that she sits at fourtrees and sees the stars start coming down from silverpelt. Then starry figures began to fade in. A White she cat touched noses with Lokiheart "welcome Lokiheart are you ready for your nine lives?" Lokiheart stared in astonishment "Yes I...I am ready," Lokiheart replied astonished. A Black tom with white paws came forward "With this life I give you courage. Use it well to defend your clan," he said as the second came a ginger she cat with one white paw and green eyes "With this life I give you justice. Use it well to judge the actions of others," she nodded as the third came a male tabby with strong amber eyes and powerful muscles"With this life I give you loyalty to what you believe to be right. Use it well to guide your clan in times of trouble." the forthwas a long furred gray male "With this life I give you tireless energy. Use it well to carry out the duties of a leader." the forth was a tortoishell she cat"With this life I give you tireless energy. Use it well to carry out the duties of a leader." then the fifth
a white she cat with ginger spots and one eye "With this life I give you mentoring. Use it well to train the young cats of your clan." then the sixth a white long furred tom "With this life I give you compassion. Use it well for the elders of your clan and for all cats weaker than you." then the seventh a tortoishell with the sweet smell of herbs "With this life I give you love. Use it well for the cats in your care. " then the eighth "With this life I give you noblilty and certainty and faith. Use it well as you lead your clan in the ways of StarClan and the warrior code,I hail you by your new name, Lokistar Your old life is no more. You have now received the nine live of a leader and StarClans grants you the guardianship of Tawneyclan. Defend it well, care for young and old, honor your ancestors and the warrior code. Live each life with pride and dignity.," his ginger pelt pressed against her and she shuddered "Thank you firestar," she purred "and all of you," she bowed her head to them all as firestar purred "I would have never let the four clans drive you all out those so many moons ago, Know that young one." he touched noses and they sat around her guilt burning their eyes
" Destruction,death and pain lights the path of few paws in your clan. a great member will have to make the ultimate sacrifice..." they began to fade away chanting "Lokistar,lokistar...."

Lokistar woke happiness, wonder and pain twisted inside her and silently she headed back to camp "Ultimate sacrifice?" It made her shudder as she padded in and stood looking down at her clan... (please go to warriors meeting hollow or take this link to get there faster http://warriorrpgbyhawkfire.forumotion.com/tawny-clan-camp-f21/warrior-meeting-hollow-t135.htm)

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